Session 0019 Garry Coles Hypnotherapist on Hypno-Oncology

The Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners is the brainchild of Garry Coles who has a great belief in the power of the mind and in particular hypnotherapy and has a passion for using it to empower and assist people going through the cancer journey.

He is dedicated to spreading his experience and knowledge globally to help as many people as possible by training up qualified, professional and ethical Hypno-Oncology practitioners to a high standard.

Garry Coles what a wonderful speciality you have and welcome to the Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast.

Hypno-Oncology is an adjunct therapy to assist those going through the cancer journey. It is not a replacement for the treatment or advice given to you by your qualified medical and health professionals.

However, accredited practitioners can assist with the psychological wellbeing and potentially dealing with areas such as treatment side effects of those going through the cancer journey. Please feel free to explore the site and contact us or an accredited practitioner for more information or assistance.

Accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioners are qualified, experienced  practitioners who have been further highly trained in the latest empirically evidenced approaches and techniques and have passed a rigorous exam. They have also agreed to strict professional accreditation conditions.

You can be assured when consulting with an accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioner that you will be in safe, ethical, professional hands.

The techniques and approaches used have been researched, developed and tested over many years in academic and hospital oncology settings and have been used successfully with thousands of cancer sufferers.

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