Session 0027 Sean Michael Andrews – The World’s Fastest Hypnotist

Indeed a very warm welcome to you.  As usual, now,  we explore the fascinating world of hypnosis and its many applications. Our Guest today is Sean Michael Andrews,  a certified hypnotist, trainer, author, and keynote speaker who represents someone who is at the pinnacle of his profession and continues to scale the heights and in … Read more

Session 0024 Carina McEvoy on Easing Exam Anxiety and Improving Exam Performance

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

For the 2nd time on the Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast, Carina McEvoy has graciously agreed to share her vast knowledge and experience as a PsychoEducation Specialist and how specifically the application of tried and trusted techniques work. Carina uses these interventions when working with many young adults and non so young adults and children in helping … Read more

Session 0023 Richard Kellow Virtual Gastric Band

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

Originally from the UK, Richard Kellow has established himself as an expert Hypnotherapist in Auckland, New Zealand. He has received numerous testaments from happy clients seeking his expertise in weight loss using the Sheila Grangers Virtual gastric band.  Richard has appeared on Television in New Zealand and in the printed media.  Listen and learn from … Read more

Session 0022 Aidan Noone on Sleep

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

I would conceptualise therapeutic hypnosis as probably one of  the most flexible and effective interventions available to help people get better sleep. Published peer review literature and a wide body of research demonstrates the evidence to support the benefits of hypnosis in aiding sleep. There are many effective interventions/techniques available that are easily implemented with … Read more

Session 0021 Susan McElligott on her Clinical Approach with Clients

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

Second time lucky, once again we hear from published author Susan McElligott, from Carrigaline Hypnotherapy, County Cork. Anxious, nervous, not quite sure what’s the matter? What should you expect when you consult with a Clinical Hypnotherapist? In todays podcast we get many answers to questions you’ve probably always wanted answered, when it comes to attending … Read more

Session 0020 Tom Herron Hypnotherapist and Buteyko Expert

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

In this fascinating topic today we hear from Tom Herron, Hypnotherapist and Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Expert.  Have you heard of the expression, “being out of your head?”  Listen as Tom discusses being out of your head and getting into your body.  In Tom’s version of being ‘out of your head, we discover it’s a … Read more

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