Tom or Sarah’s Relaxing Bedtime Storybook “Enchanted Forest”

EAPH member Pamela Walsh, a mother of two, knows and understands how important it is for children to have a good night’s sleep.

The idea for the books began with her own children when helping them to relax at bedtime. They loved it so much that Pamela would tell a ‘Relaxing Story’ every night. She then decided to publish the books to help other children relax and prepare for sleep.

The two books tell the story of Tom, or Sarah, as they take a sleepy adventure through the Enchanted Forest where they meet a host of sleepy animals on their way to bed and finally meet the sleep fairy whose job was to sprinkle the magic sleeping dust down over the Enchanted Forest. What better way to start the sleep process than a ‘relaxing story’ as her children like to call it. This bedtime storybook can also create a wonderful routine and bonding time for your family to enjoy.

Books Retail at €12.99 (plus postage & packing) and can be purchased online from her website

Toms Relaxing Bedtime Story by Pamela Walsh
Sarahs Relaxing Bedtime Story by Pamela Walsh

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