Working with Children and Adolscents

Complimentary CPD Event for EAPH & CHPA members

Sunday 16th October 2022
from 10am to 2pm online via Zoom

EAPH and CHPA members – please join us for this educational and informative 4-hour CPD event, you can register to attend free at the bottom of this page.

We are delighted to bring you this complimentary CPD event with our expert members Susan McElligott and Carina McEvoy.

Susan and Carina are published authors as well as practising hypnotherapists, and this event promises to be informative, educational and fun!

Working with Children and Teens CPD Event 16th October 2022

Carina is a former secondary school teacher who now enjoys a successful hypnotherapy practice focusing on helping children, teens and parents to unlock their potential and build resilience.

She has received specialised training in paediatric hypnotherapy and is also a CBT Practitioner and NLP Master. 

Carina is a published author and a regular speaker on The Morning Show at South East Radio discussing mental health issues.

Carina McEvoy MA
Working with Children

Morning Session 10am – overview of the topic 

  • Why work with Children and Adolescents
  • Child Psychology
  • The three R’s when working with kids
  • Laws around working with kids
  • First contact with the parent – is this issue for me as a therapist, setting expectations, common questions from parents
  • Confidentiality with the child client
  • How important is the parent in the therapy setting?
  • Building rapport with the Child – meeting the client, work environment, intake form
  • The use of props
  • Helping the client realise the power of the mind
  • Working with the child’s wonderful mind
  • Tools and Techniques in the therapy process

Q & A

Susan McElligott MA
Working with Adolescents in a hypno-therapeutic setting

Susan has been working with clients in her thriving hypnotherapy practice in Cork since 2001. Her passion is in helping clients of all ages, and particularly adolescents, to take control and change their lives for the better.

She has recently completed a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and also holds qualifications as a CBT Practitioner, NLP Master, Life Coach and Energy Worker.

Susan is a published author and a regular speaker on Cork’s local radio advocating hypnotherapy.

Afternoon session – overview of the topic

What are some of the benefits of hypnotherapy for adolescents?

  • Learning ‘mind control’ techniques rather than getting ‘therapy’
  • Gaining a sense of control and autonomy
  • Normalising anxiety as a function of the subconscious mind (secondary gains)
  • Hypnotherapy as a way to explore limitless possibilities for positive change 

 What kind of challenges are we likely to encounter? 

  • Social media and cyber bullying
  • Peer pressure/ coercive compliance
  • Not feeling heard/understood/validated
  • Lack of confidence/ unworthiness/ not good enough
  • Depression/Low mood
  • Unexpressed Anger
  • Self harm/Suicidal ideation
  • Performance anxiety, i.e. exams, sports
  • Social anxiety
  • OCD
  • Gaming addictions
  • Nightmares
  • Eating disorders i.e. anorexia, bulimia restrictive eating
  • Tools/techniques for change
  • PDF handout with examples of use of hypnotic metaphors and other techniques using real cases.

Q &A

EAPH and CHPA members – please register to attend the Working with Children and Adolescents CPD event on Sun 16th October 22 via Zoom.
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