Session – 0038 Stephen McGill on Marketing for Hypnotherapists

Today, we have a special guest, Stephen McGill, sharing expert insights on the power of video and digital marketing. 

We'll dive into the best practices for leveraging different social media platforms—LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok—and the importance of using video content to engage audiences. Stephen also introduces us to Opus.clip, a tool that efficiently reformats videos for various platforms, maximising content reach.

In this episode, you'll gain valuable tips on optimising your Facebook ad campaigns, mastering SEO, and the critical role of posting quality content consistently. Stephen will also discuss his 16-week marketing course tailored for hypnotherapists, designed to help them enhance their business strategies. Learn how to narrow your audience, set effective ad budgets, and build credibility through client testimonials and continuous value delivery.

Ready to transform your marketing strategy for 2024? Join us as we explore how anyone—from therapists to business owners—can become adept marketers in today's digital age. Plus, Stephen offers free audits and actionable steps to boost your marketing efforts with no strings attached. Don't miss this episode packed with actionable advice to take your business to the next level!

Lessons Covered in this Podcast

1. Marketing Focused Approach
    Hypnotherapists should see marketing as a serious venture.

2. Background on Stephen McGill
    Marketing and business experience rooted in web design and photography.

3. Venturing into Hypnotherapy
    Stephen chose marketing for hypnotherapists over clinical practice to help many.

4. Finding Your Market
    Identify and understand your target audience's demographics and psychographics.

5. The Importance of Social Media
    Posting quality content consistently on social media boosts visibility.

6. **Essentials of Effective Marketing**
    – Narrow down your hypnotherapy specialty and communicate the problems you solve.

7. Course Overview
    Stephen offers a comprehensive marketing course from beginner to intermediate.

8. Online Visibility
    Consistent social media presence is crucial for business growth and client acquisition.

9. Content Quality Over Follower Count
    Focus on content quality rather than the number of followers.

10. Solving Client Problems
    Highlight the practical solutions you offer rather than just your qualifications.

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