Session 006 Carina McEvoy on Child and Young Adult Anxiety

Imagine being on a journey, a journey of not even knowing where your starting point is?  A journey of uncertainty, from a place of worry, a place of fear, perhaps even from a place of being lost and being stuck.

In today’s podcast, we speak with Carina McEvoy, a Psycho-Education Specialist, and Hypnotherapist.

Carina shares with us her own story, her own journeying from a place of fear and anxiety in early childhood, to a place of knowing, a place of certainty and success in adulthood.

Carina invites you to journey and above all be accompanied, and arrive safely to a place where you can find the real you, to a place of self-belief, a place of, I’ve got this, I can do this.

Discover all of this and more on todays’s edition of the Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast.

Visit Carina’s website >>>

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