Session – 0036 Kaz Reilly, Sex Educator, Award Winning Hypnotist.

Kaz and Aidan discussed the role of intimacy in relationships. Kaz explained that intimacy is not limited to physical acts, but also encompasses emotional and physical connections. Kaz agreed, noting that despite the societal expectation that men should be 'macho' and emotionless, men also seek connection and intimacy. Kaz emphasized the difference between the masculine and the macho, the former being an inherent part of a man's identity, and the latter being a societal trope that doesn't represent all men

Aidan and Kaz discussed the challenges of challenging clients' models of the world, particularly in regards to sexuality and education. Kaz highlighted that a significant part of the problem is the shame and ingrained beliefs that prevent individuals from openly discussing and educating about these topics. Furthermore, they identified authority figures such as parents, teachers, and religious figures as significant influencers shaping people's perspectives, often carrying on generational shame. Kaz emphasized that these authority figures are doing their best with the information they have and the shame they carry.

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Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

The Sexual Freedom

Orgasmic Minds

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