Session 0016 Sheila Granger on Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Business

There Comes A Time In Life When “Enough Is Enough!”

You know a change has to be made and that things can’t keep going like this…  For some, it’s about wanting to start something; like creating a business, public speaking, or even being more outgoing.

For others, it may be about quitting something that has been a burden long enough like smoking, being overweight, or suffering with stress or anxiety.  The Good News is that help is at hand right here, right now!

Just visit and find out, how you too can start that change process now and harvest that fruit that’s yours for the picking.

This Is A Process That Begins With You Taking Action, Now.

Each day and every day, all our EAPH member hypnotherapists are constantly helping passionate people, probably just like you, to make change in their lives and in the process save a ton of money.

In todays podcast we hear from internationally renowned clinical hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger. Sheila shares with us her many many years experience of building a very successful hypnotherapy practice with connections throughout the world.

Sheila speaks about the importance of building relationships and how that can be achieved using modern technology tools like video. we hear about her co-authorship with a eminent consultant neurologists, in a soon to be published series of books.

Ever wondered what a bravery pill is? Find out, all of this and more in todays Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast.

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