How to Improve Positive Feelings with Self Hypnosis

Start the Day Feeling Relaxed and Positive with Self Hypnosis!

Practice this short self hypnosis technique every morning immediately on waking or before you get out of bed. It will help you to feel relaxed and positive as you begin your day…..

You can also use it to take a break at any time during the day, it will recharge your mental and physical batteries….

1. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths breathing from the stomach.

2. Begin to count from 5 down to zero, one number with each easy, slow exhale, telling yourself that you are drifting into a relaxing state of hypnosis with each breath.

3. When you reach zero, imagine you are stepping down a beautiful staircase of relaxation, perhaps there are different coloured lights on each step, and the staircase extends into infinity, so you can see the coloured lights stretching off into the distance.

4. Experience yourself going deeper as you take each step down the staircase.

5. When you feel nice and relaxed, allow your mind to construct a pleasant visualisation for you of a peaceful place to explore. It might be a deserted beach on a warm summer’s day, a beautiful wildflower meadow high in the mountains or perhaps bathing in a healing pool. Anywhere that you feel comfortable and peaceful.

6. Wherever your mind has taken you, take some time to see the sights, hear the sounds and feel the relaxed feelings associated with your own peaceful place.

Become aware of where in your body you can feel the relaxation – is it located in one particular area or is it all over your body?

Focus on that feeling of relaxation in your body and let it gently expand and spread. Perhaps let yourself become aware of the colour of the relaxation? What texture and temperature is it – perhaps soft and fluffy or warm and cosy?

As you allow the good feelings of relaxation to spread right around your body, help it along by increasing the strength of the colour. Imagine it spreading right up to the top of your head, down your arms into your fingers and down your legs and into your toes.

Feel the sensation of peace and letting go….peace and letting go…aah…what a relief to simply let go…..allow yourself to just… let… go…..

7. And now, from this calm and peaceful place, mentally repeat some of these positive affirmation phrases (or substitute with your personal favourites):

I’m doing the best I can, I approve of myself…

I choose to release the past and focus on the present…

I am looking forward to joyful experiences today…

Every day in every way, I’m feeling better and better…

I now consciously release any mental patterns within me that are hindering me or causing discomfort…

I love and approve of myself….

I create my reality with my own thoughts, feelings and actions…

I can choose how I view myself and others and I am now choosing to create a positive reality…

As I become aware of negative thoughts about myself during the day, I substitute the thought with the simple phrase “I approve of myself”. I repeat this as many times during the day as I become aware of critical or limiting self-talk…

As I become aware of negative thoughts about others, I substitute the thought with the simple phrase “I release all others”. I repeat this as many times during the day as I become aware of critical or judgemental self-talk…

I am filled with gratitude for all the good things in my life right now – my healthy body and mind, my family and friends, my home…..

I am taking responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and actions and today I am simply letting the negatives go…

Today I choose to focus on the positive things in life, to relax and enjoy life as it unfolds.

8. Now, imagine yourself going through the day, staying in this relaxed and positive frame of mind, easily substituting negative or critical thoughts with the phrases “I approve of myself” or “I release all others” and feel how any tension from the negative thoughts just dissolves, it eases away as you allow your mind and body to release any tension……..

Notice how enjoyable your day can be as you find that you can easily focus on feeling relaxed and positive, just enjoy this good feeling……and make it your intention to continue this feeling of relaxation and positivity throughout the day

And now, gently begin to count up from 1 to 5 at your own pace, retaining the relaxed and positive thoughts and feelings…….when you reach 5 you are refreshed, alert and looking forward to the day……

9. Open your eyes feeling relaxed, feeling positive, feeling good. And enjoy your day!

Helen Ryle Hypnotherapist

Author: Helen Ryle, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tel: 087 7734914

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