Session 0022 Aidan Noone on Sleep

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

I would conceptualise therapeutic hypnosis as probably one of  the most flexible and effective interventions available to help people get better sleep. Published peer review literature and a wide body of research demonstrates the evidence to support the benefits of hypnosis in aiding sleep. There are many effective interventions/techniques available that are easily implemented with … Read more

Session 0021 Susan McElligott on her Clinical Approach with Clients

Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast by EAPH

Second time lucky, once again we hear from published author Susan McElligott, from Carrigaline Hypnotherapy, County Cork. Anxious, nervous, not quite sure what’s the matter? What should you expect when you consult with a Clinical Hypnotherapist? In todays podcast we get many answers to questions you’ve probably always wanted answered, when it comes to attending … Read more

Session 009 Aisling Killoran on Women’s Fertility

The Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast

Aisling Killoran works as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Health Coach. In over 20 years of Professional experience Aisling shares with us her passion for helping women with fertility problems and more specifically helping prospective mothers to conceive. Aisling reveals to us the importance of managing stress and anxiety and getting rid of any possible shame … Read more

Why Choose Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking?

Stop Smoking Easily and For Good with Hypnosis

When it comes to quitting cigarettes, we can feel incredibly overwhelmed and pessimistic. I know from experience that the many failed attempts to stop left me feeling hopeless.  Every smoker can identify with that old scenario where they decide ‘That’s it, tomorrow I am done. These things are killing me’ and when tomorrow comes it … Read more

Podcast 001 Helen Ryle Chairperson EAPH. What should you expect when you consult with a Professional Hypnotherapist and much much more?

The Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast

What should you expect when you consult with a Professional  Hypnotherapist? What is Hypnosis?  How can you benefit by consulting with a Registered and Certified Hypnotherapist? You know you want to make positive beneficial change in your life and yet you may not have the know-how! Just imagine if you were to allow yourself to … Read more

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